Cute & Unique Gifts For Koala Lovers

A round up of our cute koala themed gifts with accompanying witty captions! Shop our koala mugs and coasters at Cute Mugs And Things!
Cute Mugs And Things
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10 Cute Things Which Are PURRfect For Cat Lovers

10 Cute Things Which Are PURRfect For Cat Lovers

1. This cheeky kitty print

First up, this little kitty is a fun addition to the wall guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any cat-lover!

2. Something for a cat-lover who exclusively likes cats

 Cats over everything. Even people. This mug can let me people know not to get their hopes up too high.

3. A purrito coaster

The purrito is a rare breed. A mix of a burrito and a cat. Perfect for a cat-lover who also likes Mexican food!

4. This mug for dreamers


 Dream big, little one. One day you will be a professional cat petter.

5. One for cat and coffee-lovers

Is there a better combination than cats and coffee?! If you like coffee, maybe not. If tea's more your thing, check this one out.

6. Avocado fans, we got you too!

An avocato is much cuter than an avocado, right?! You can also grab this on Amazon Prime if you need it quickly!

7. This mug for the cat-loving graduate who has high levels of edu-CAT-ion

EduCATion is so important!

8. Something for the sassy, no-nonsense cat-lover


You can get a lot more from following cats on social media than from your rules, thank you very much!

9. This mug to let everyone know why you live for the weekend!


Frie-day, Caturday, Funday.

10. This mug in case someone tries to call you a crazy cat lady!

Crazy? You've cat to me kitten me right meow!

If you want to see more cute cats things, we have more here!

Cute Mugs And Things
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An Exciting New Product: Prints!

An Exciting New Product: Prints!

We have just launched prints! Read the post to find out all the details.
Cute Mugs And Things
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