An Exciting New Product: Prints!

An Exciting New Product: Prints!

We're so excited to announce that we have just launched a range of prints!

We've been thinking about what our next product should be over the last few months and decided on prints as lots of our designs lend themselves to being pride of place in a home or office. Whether you're after something inspirational, motivational, funny or cute you're sure to find something you'll love! Or something perfect for your friends or family - they really do make great gifts!

A few details on the prints.

We bought a massive A3 printer for this little venture and had to organise the whole of our workspace so we could fit it in! The designs are printed on a 250gsm semi-gloss finished sheet of A4 card. The semi-gloss means the colours pop a little more than matte but they aren't so glossy that the light makes it impossible to see!

At the moment, we are just offering A4 and we are selling without frames. Once we get an idea of sales volumes we will look into stocking frames and expanding to A3 prints and also smaller A5 prints.

We've added some of our favourite prints to start but we will keep adding more and more every week.

If there's something which you've seen on a mug or coaster which you would like on a print, just shoot us a message and we can get it added to the site. Alternatively, you can purchase the "Any Design On A Print" listing and be sure to leave us a note letting us know which design you want!

That's all for now! If you would like to take a look at our prints, you can find them here! And keep your eyes peeled for new ones as we will be adding them as fast as we can 😊.

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