Cute & Unique Gifts For Koala Lovers

Here at Cute Mugs And Things we are quite the fan of koalas. So we decided to make a range of koala themed gifts and we've rounded them up here so they're all in one place!

1. Good At Naps 11oz Mug

Good At Naps Koala Mug

Napping is a skill, don't you know!? And one that the koala certainly has mastered. Just look at this little guy! This mug is also available in 15oz and on a coaster.

2. So Koalifed Coaster

So Koalified Koala Coaster

Koalas don't get qualified.... they are KOALIFIED (get it?)

3. I Just Freaking Love Koalas, Ok?! 15oz Mug

i just freaking love koalas ok 15oz mug

Sometimes you just to tell people how you feel about koalas. This mug can help!

4. Is It Naptime Yet Koala Coaster

We told you koalas like to nap. This one's at it again!


5. Sorry I Can't I'm Taking A Nap 11oz Mug

sorry I can't i'm taking a nap mug

Oops, another one! This koala isn't even ashamed to admit that he has committed to his napping plans!

6. You're Koalified 11oz Mug

you're koalified koala graduation mug

I think we can all agree that koalas like to nap but they are also very clever!

So, that just about rounds up our koala themed designs! All designs are available on 11oz and 15oz mugs as well as coasters!

Cute Mugs And Things

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